Madhouse Innovations Ltd

Mental health expert providing advisement, coaching, and consultation, to peers, professionals, advocates, allies, first responders, law enforcement, and all organizations or institutions that serve the needs of individuals living alongside a mental health diagnosis.


Madeline Jaekle

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Currently pursuing a PhD in Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Rutgers University School of Health Professions, Madeline Jaekle, is a Mental Health Expert with over 15 years of experience within the mental health community as a peer, family member, friend, ally, advocate, and advisor. 

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Workshops & trainings 

The provision of high quality educational resources and development programs for the betterment of the mental health community at large remains an ongoing and fundamental focus for Madhouse Innovations Ltd. To fulfill our commitment to spreading awareness and inspiring innovations within both the mental health community and society at large, Madhouse Innovations Ltd. proudly maintains a growing body of workshops and courses designed to serve providers, peers, families, allies, advocates, faith communities, community partners, and the general population at large.

Madhouse Innovations provides free presentation customization in which we encourage perspective hosts to allow us to provide presentations that are uniquely formatted to the specific needs of the local faith, academic, or community organizations receiving services.  We do this in light of our pledge to always strive to present all education material and awareness efforts in the most proactive and beneficial fashion.

As an organization spearheaded by peers Madhouse Innovations provides educational programs that maintain a flexible format that can accommodate varying perspectives and audiences without detracting from the fundamental objectives of each educational program.

Alongside our formal educational programs, Members of the Madhouse Innovations Team are actively engaged in Mental Health Advocacy at both the federal and national level.