Madhouse Innovations Ltd

About Me

Madeline E Jaekle

Mental Health Advocate and Author

It was during the brief moments of clarity that ensued during her last manic episode, that Madeline conceptualized the founding principles and primary objectives that would one day lead to the establishment of Madhouse Innovations.

As an individual living alongside a severe and persistent mental illness, Madeline strove to establish a not for profit collaborative organization that would exist as a hub and crossroads within the mental health community. 

Supremely committed to the IMPORTANCE of peer led, grassroots organization, and advocacy, Madhouse Innovations acts as a unique enterprise that seamlessly facilitates the dissemination of mental health education and mental health awareness within local communities.

Engagement and partnership are a primary focus of Madhouse Innovations.  For many peers the illness we endure has an oftentimes devastating effect on those we care about the most, in other instances we become paralyzed by our illness, and withdrawn from our community. Madhouse Innovations aims to combat these experiences and and other barriers to recovery through collaborative advocacy efforts.

The organization was founded and spearheaded by peers and at its ESSENCE is an interactive platform for peers to connect with peers, providing a safe space for peers  to share our experiences and collaborate on optimal ways to engage our communities local or otherwise in advocating for the reform of our current mental health care system and advancement of the lives of those living alongside a mental health and/or substance use disorder.